Augmented reality for hotels

WebAR success story: Bärenhotel Südtirol

The result

“The children in particular love playing with the AR model. At last, every customer has a digital souvenir from our hotel.” – Ladstätter family, Bärenhotel

Hotels in 3D and augmented reality

A somewhat different project. Who would have thought that augmented reality could also be used to market a hotel? Among others, none other than Karl Kratz.

Together with him, we realised this fantastic project with the Bärenhotel in South Tyrol. The hotel is embedded in a beautiful landscape that presents the ski resort, the mountains and nature as a cartoon. To top it off, even the ski lift and an eagle were animated.

Today, the model is primarily used for customer loyalty. For example, a QR code is printed on the postcards, which leads to the digital model. This gives customers a kind of digital souvenir. The children in particular were very enthusiastic about it.

“Mum, Dad, that’s where I want to go!” was the result after the digital model was proudly presented at school.

Augmented reality is now being used more and more in the hotel industry. Instagram filters like the one with Therme Aqualux are also a great way to acquire and retain customers.

AR as a marketing tool in the hotel industry

More and more customers are becoming familiar with AR and expect an immersive shopping experience. This trend is being driven even further by big players such as Amazon and Ikea. Web Augmented Reality can be used to reach a much wider audience as no app download is necessary. This is the only way for Glowbus to utilise this feature.

The popularity of augmented reality in various industries is growing at an incredible rate of almost 20% CAGR. Companies can continue to expect stronger growth through the use of AR for hotels as development intensifies, which is a major development not only for large-scale industry, but also for small and medium-sized enterprises.