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Web AR

Bring your products to life and increase your sales

  • Create 3D models with AI
  • Virtual product placement with Web AR
  • For Shopify, WooCommerce, Shopware…

Your products in your customers’ homes


Upload 3D models or create them with AI

No 3D models available? No problem, we create 3D models in the best quality from photos.

Choose AR technology

3D models are ready? Then simply upload and choose between Web AR face, foot, floor, wall (etc.) – tracking.

Webshop Integration

We are partners of all common shop platforms such as WooCommerce, Shopify, Shopware and many more. Insert Web AR quickly and easily.
Conversion Rate +
Returnrate -
The difference

Mazing delivers unrivalled 3D model quality that scales with your business.

The first seamless solution for creating WebAR from 2D images in unrivalled quality.

Without app

Mazing works completely without an app – no annoying download required.


The Mazing AR software is compatible with all common devices.


Can be integrated on all platforms, from WordPress to Shopify.


Simple management of 3D/AR assets.

The function not only turns out to be proof of expertise for prospective customers, but also boosts the image of existing customers, who can now proudly display their whirlpool everywhere.

Eberhard FornerHead of E-Commerce, Aida GmbH

Website visitors and future customers can visualise how our products look in reality much better with 3D and AR.

RomanCMO, SoftTie

You can now experience and design our Toshiba Haori at home before you buy it. A new form of infotainment.

ToshibaAR Klimaanlagen

I was completely blown away when I tried the AR application for my hotel for the first time. What an extraordinary marketing tool!

Bear Hotel South TyrolAR for hotels

Web AR success stories

AR fuer Moebelhersteller

Augmented reality for furniture manufacturers

Digital shopping assistant for smartphones: Telekom

Virtual test hanging of pictures: Art-Mind Shop

Try jewellery virtually: Borisdiamond


What is augmented reality (AR)?

Augmented reality enables your (potential) customers to place a 3D model of your product directly in their environment using their smartphone. Buyers can use AR to experience and analyse your product at home before buying.

In which industries can I use web augmented reality?

There are countless applications in the retail sector, from whirlpools to decorative or fitness equipment. However, we have also realised AR projects for museums, hotels and even car brands.

What is special about Mazing Web AR?

We take over the entire process from 2D image + dimensions as input to your finished 3D/AR model ready for integration on any website or shop system.

Our quality of 3D models for Web AR, from whirlpools to jewellery, is second to none.

How much does an integration cost?

If you do not yet have 3D models, we will generate them for you. The creation of the models depends on the complexity and ranges from €100.00 to €500.00+. The Mazing Web AR software and platform is available to you from €19.00 per month.

How do I create my 3D/AR models?

The process for creating 3D/AR models at Mazing is simple and cost-efficient. You upload 3-5 photos and dimensions (or send us a link to the product) and we create the finished AR experience. You can find out more here.

What are the advantages of AR?

Our previous projects show that AR primarily increases the conversion rate. Once a potential buyer has placed a product in their own space, it is difficult to part with this product again. On average, we can measure 25% more conversions with AR and 15% fewer returns.

Increase your conversion rate by 30+ %

Create 3D models or test the platform for free!