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3D renderings for furniture

Less effort thanks to 3D renderings for furniture

  • Ambient renderings of the highest quality
  • Realistic product renderings
  • Scalable and affordable
Product presentation

Distinctive renderings for furnishings


Your 3D renderings in just a few minutes


What we need

In principle, only raw data, such as technical drawings, is required to create a rendering of furniture. Product images are helpful, but not absolutely necessary.

Set goals

Through years of experience, we know that target definition and target group analysis is a significant factor for 3D visualizations. This ensures that you choose the right ambience and guarantee the necessary flair for your customers.

Receive 3D renderings

Mazing takes care of the whole process and all the work for your renderings. Our CGI artists create photorealistic 3D visualizations of the furniture. We work closely together to create bespoke ambience renderings and customize them until they are perfect.
Cost savings
Conversion rate

Increase professionalism while saving costs and time.

I have been a customer of Mazing for several years. The company has created 3D models and 3D renderings, as well as Web AR for my online store. My ideas became reality and my change requests were always taken into account.

Tobias DüllCEO, Art-Mind Shop

We use the Mazing 3D models on our website for Web AR, but also in Spatial Commerce on the Apple Vision Pro. The compatibility on different platforms is excellent!

Ben & DennisCEOs, Veggees

Creating 3D models for our e-charging boxes was quick and easy. Mazing offers an excellent platform which works on websites but also with AR/VR glasses.

Johann StrasserCEO, Lorrygram

Mazing creates first-class 3D renderings for your products


Scalable 3D creation

  • 3D models from 2-4 photos
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Fast review process

Unique scenes

  • No reuse
  • For Google Shopping
  • Individual customization

Highest quality

  • Years of expertise
  • over 4.000 surfaces
  • Real shadow, like on photos

3D Database

  • over 10.000 3D models
  • Furniture, shoes and co.
  • Models of all well-known brands

3D Asset Plattform

  • Upload and manage 3D
  • Anti-Theft Encryption
  • GDPR-compliant hosting

Personalised Consulting

  • With AR marketing experts
  • Use on the website
  • Use at the PoS
1500+ 3D Renderings

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What are 3D renderings for furniture?

3D renderings for furniture are very realistic 2D images that can be created with 3D models. You can place your furniture in different rooms and change the backgrounds. This allows companies to avoid time-consuming product shots in photo studios and save costs.

What are the advantages of 3D renderings for furniture?

They replace conventional photos of the furniture and therefore save time and money. Furniture is very heavy to transport and the ambience is just as time-consuming to set up. With 3D renderings, product presentation can be simplified considerably and still offer extremely high quality. This increases customer satisfaction. You can also easily change the surroundings, giving free rein to your ideas and benefiting from the unique selling point that is created.

How are 3D renderings for furniture created?

They are created by modeling, texturing, lighting and rendering virtual 3D models of the furniture. Mazing has its own suitable software for this and can offer its customers precise and high-quality 3D renderings.

Which pieces of furniture are best suited to 3D renderings?

3D renderings can be used for many different pieces of furniture, if not all. Whether it’s beds, chairs, tables, cabinets, chests of drawers or even bathtubs and whirlpools – everything can be realized with Mazing. Our high-quality 3D renderings transform your ideas into reality.

Are there any well-known companies that use 3D renderings for furniture?

In any case. 3D renderings for furniture are used by many international companies. A major customer of Mazing is Otto Versand, for example. Another customer and investor is Modus Furniture. Under AR projects you can view various case studies and before and after comparisons of figures from popular companies.

What is the difference between product renderings and ambience renderings for furniture?

Product renderings usually only show the piece of furniture with a white background. Ambience renderings, on the other hand, show your own piece of furniture in a desired environment or a special room.

What does a 3D product visualization for furniture cost?

A classic product rendering can be created by Mazing for as little as €50, which is also the cheaper option in terms of price. The prices for ambience renderings are somewhat higher and start at €200. This amount then varies depending on the room, scene and expectations for a realistic representation.

Save up to 65% on product photography costs

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