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3D Configurator

The solution for product configurators

Customise and order products in real time with the Mazing 3D configurator, directly integrated into all popular shopping platforms

3D configurator for furniture


3D configuration directly in the browser and in real time – no annoying download required.

Perfect for furniture

Mazing offers the optimum solution for configuring products such as furniture.

With AR

Configure products and then place them virtually at home – Mazing offers the solution.


The 3D configurator can be integrated directly into online shops via plugins or API.


With the Mazing 3D configurator, you give customers the opportunity to customise products.


Higher conversion rate


Lower return rate


Longer website dwell time


Initial consultation

We define the objectives and process in a non-binding consultation.


In this step, the configurator is created according to mockups. We take care of the entire process, from idea to integration.

Webshop Integration

We are partners of all common shop platforms such as WooCommerce, Shopify, Shopware and many more. This makes it child's play to integrate the 3D configurator into the shop.

The Mazing 3D configurator is easy to use, looks good and is an effective sales tool.

Johann StrasserGeschäftsführer Wingliner & Lorrygram


What is a 3D configurator?

A 3D configurator is an interactive online tool that enables users to customise and visualise individual products or designs in a three-dimensional view.

What can I do with a 3D configurator?

Using a 3D configurator offers numerous benefits: you can customise products to your liking, get realistic previews, personalise your product experience, strengthen your bond with the product, increase user interaction and ultimately make a more informed and confident purchase decision.

In which industries are 3D configurators used?

A 3D configurator can be used in various sectors such as the furniture industry, the automotive sector, fashion, jewellery and interior design, to name just a few examples.

Welche Funktionen können in einem 3D Konfigurator integriert werden?

A 3D configurator can offer functions such as colour selection, material selection, adaptation of sizes and shapes, addition of extras and real-time visualisation.

How much does a 3D configurator cost?

Depending on the complexity, configurators including shop integration usually start at €4,000.00. An average complex configurator can cost between €15,000.00 and €40,000.00, although very complex applications can cost over €100,000.00.

Is the integration of a 3D configurator on my website complicated?

No, the integration of a 3D configurator requires technical expertise, but there are already platforms and tools such as Mazing that enable relatively simple integration.

What tips are there for optimising the performance of a 3D configurator?

To optimise performance, you should optimise textures and model details, use caching, use high-quality hosting services and pay attention to browser compatibility.

Do 3D configurators also offer analytics and data on user behaviour?

Yes, many 3D configurators such as Mazing offer analysis functions that provide insights into user behaviour, such as popular configurations, abandonment points and dwell time.

What role does mobile usability play in 3D configurators?

Mobile usability is crucial as more and more users are using mobile devices. A responsive 3D configurator ensures a seamless experience on different screen sizes.

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