Augmented reality for fireplaces

WebAR success story: Glowbus

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The result

“Customers have responded very well to AR. Those who are unsure of the size they need for their patio/garden now have the opportunity to try before they buy.— Andy, CMO Glowbus bv

Fireplaces and hearths in 3D and augmented reality

Fire pits and fireplaces are not only useful and keep you warm, they are also a decorative feature for the garden or terrace. That's why potential customers spend a lot of time finding the perfect product. Augmented Reality helps tremendously during this decision-making process.

The question of whether the model fits the size and design is answered immediately. Customers are often unsure whether and from which provider they should buy a model, especially when buying online. With one click, potential Glowbus customers can now quickly and easily place the product in their own room.

In addition, AR for fireplaces is used during customer appointments, whether online or in person. The feature usually impresses future customers immediately and underlines Glowbus as an innovative company.

According to Glowbus, customers immediately embraced the feature. Above all, our configurator helps with the size selection. Andy was particularly impressed by the quality of the model.

Right now, augmented reality is being used more and more in the fireplace industry. Our project too Gardomo shows the effectiveness of this technology.


Longer dwell time when using AR


Higher conversion rate


Emotional shopping experience

The fireplace industry is being transformed

More and more customers are becoming familiar with AR and expect an immersive shopping experience. This trend is being pushed even further by the big players like Amazon and Ikea. With web augmented reality, a much more willing mass can be addressed because no app download is necessary. This is the only way for Glowbus to use this feature.

The popularity of augmented reality in various industries is witnessing incredible growth of almost 20% CAGR. Businesses can continue to expect greater growth from the use of AR for fireplaces as the development intensifies, which is a major development not only for big industry but also for small and medium-sized businesses.