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From simple photos
to the 3D / AR experience.

Augmented Reality Company

The most successful augmented reality solution without an app

Augmented Reality Company

The best augmented reality solution without app

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From simple 2D images to 3D / AR experience.


Recognized as the best web augmented reality software for product presentation.


World's leading 3D modeling for augmented reality.


Industry-specific advice for the successful use of augmented reality.

The world's easiest way to a new shopping experience

3D creation or adaptation

We create or adapt 3D models that are unsurpassed worldwide - the best quality with the smallest possible file size.

Web Augmented Reality

We integrate 3D models into our WebAR software so that you can experience them at home with any modern smartphone.

AR Platform and Integration

In the Mazing asset management platform, 3D / AR experiences can be managed, analyzed and integrated with any website / shop system with one click.


3D and augmented reality

The future of e-commerce

Transform your customer's office or home into a showroom for your products - on any modern mobile phone with iOS or Android!

Imagine if your customers could see what that new sofa, armchair, coffee maker or even hot tub looks like in their office or at home. And all this directly from your existing website, without any app!

Before mazing

Prior to our service, this customer had issues with time spent on their online store, as well as a low conversion rate and high return rate.

After AR Before AR

After our transformation, the customer had a higher dwell time, an improved conversion rate, and a lower return rate. The calculated ROI is 2020% in 220.

Augmented Reality Agency Projects

AR for fireplaces

AR for fireplaces

AR industrial products

AR industrial products

AR office furniture

AR office furniture

AR saunas

AR saunas


The feedback from our customers and prospects is already very good, even before we have even explained and advertised the function. The function not only turns out to be a proof of competence for interested parties, but also ensures an image boost for existing customers, who can now proudly show their whirlpool anywhere. Mazing is the best augmented reality agency with the best software.

Aida Ltdwhirlpools

With the augmented reality solution from Mazing, our products are presented much better. Website visitors and future customers can use 3D and AR to get a much better idea of ​​what our products look like in reality. This increases our conversion rate and strengthens our unique selling proposition.

soft tieplants binder

With Mazing's AR software, my clients can now try the paintings virtually. Before that, I kept getting feedback that it was difficult to imagine what the pictures would look like at home before buying them. The Mazing Augmented Reality agency solved the problem.

OctophinaAR paintings

MAZING did a very good job. You can now experience and design our Toshiba Haori at home before you buy it. Other devices will follow in order to be able to offer our customers this new form of infotainment.
Undoubtedly the best web augmented reality agency.

ToshibaAR air conditioners

My customers can now place my garden cubes in the garden before purchasing. The illustration is true to scale and gives the customer the feeling of which model fits best. Before I commissioned further models, I asked my customers - the feedback was very good and that's why I will continue to expand the function.

GardomoAR garden houses
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