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Amazon 3D models

More sales through Amazon 3D/AR models

Create 3D models from your existing Amazon photos with Mazing and increase conversion rates by 150+%.


3D images for Amazon

Create 3D models from 2-4 photos:

Optimise your Amazon sales with real-time 3D customisation, increase your conversion rate by 150% and reduce returns. Our 3D/AR products are changing the global e-commerce landscape as recent research shows that customers are willing to pay up to 20% more for personalised items. Start presenting impressive Mazing 3D models on Amazon today!

Grow your Amazon business
Grow your Amazon business
Grow your Amazon business
Grow your Amazon business
Grow your Amazon business
With Mazing 3D Generation
With Mazing 3D Generation
With Mazing 3D Generation
With Mazing 3D Generation
With Mazing 3D Generation

Request 3D models from Mazing

To activate the 360° view or Amazon AR View, 3D models in the correct Amazon format are required. The Amazon 3D models can be easily created by Mazing.

Send Amazon links to Mazing

Simply send us links to the desired products. For each product we need 2-4 photos as well as length, width and height to guarantee the correct scale.

Amazon integration

As soon as the Amazon 3D photos are ready, we will send you a guide to integration or integrate the models for you.
Amazon 3D images increase sales

Developed and tested together with Amazon sellers. 3D evokes more emotions than JPGs and makes undecided buyers order.


Higher conversion rate


Fewer returns


More time on the product page


Have 3D models for Amazon created by professionals

High quality

Mazing attaches great importance to wood and fabric textures.


The Mazing 3D models for Amazon are compatible with all devices.


Get everything right with the integration guide.


Easy upload and management of 3D/AR assets.

The creation of Amazon 3D models was quick and easy. Mazing only needed a few photos.

Tobias DüllCEO, Art-Mind Shop

The quality of the 3D models exceeded my wildest expectations. Great work!

RomanCMO, SoftTie

The creation of 3D models for our air conditioning systems was quick and easy. Top quality and easy for further processing.

ToshibaAR Klimaanlagen

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What are 3D models for Amazon?

3D models are digital representations of pieces of furniture, for example, in three dimensions. They offer realistic visualisations that make it possible to view products from different angles and explore details in detail.

Why is 360° or AR View relevant on Amazon?

The integration of 360° views and AR View offers an improved shopping experience for customers. It enables potential buyers to view products from different angles and visualise them in their real environment. This increases customer confidence and reduces returns as they gain a better understanding of the product.

How are 3D models created for Amazon?

Mazing can be used to create 3D models by capturing high-resolution images of furniture from different angles. These images are then combined to create a realistic 3D model.

How can I upload 3D models to Amazon?

Uploading to Amazon is a simple process. Firstly, you need to make sure that your 3D models fulfil the formats and requirements supported by Amazon. Mazing offers step-by-step instructions and support to help you with this process.

Can I also use Amazon 3D models on my website?

Anyone requesting models from Mazing can use them on Amazon, but also on the website. 3D models can be easily uploaded to our Web AR platform and integrated into all common shop systems such as Shopify. Here is an example: Shopify AR example

What do 3D models cost?

The cost of creating 3D models depends primarily on the number and complexity of the products. As a rule, modelling costs between €40.00 and €200.00 per model.

Are 3D models also relevant for smaller Amazon sellers?

Definitely! 3D models are also relevant for smaller Amazon sellers. They offer the opportunity to present products in a professional manner and to stand out in a highly competitive market.

Which sectors can benefit from this?

Various sectors such as furniture, fitness, electronics and even FMCG such as shampoos can benefit from 3D models to optimise customer approach, presentation and purchasing processes.

What are the best practices for implementing AR on Amazon?

Best practices include using high-quality 3D models, seamlessly integrating AR features on the product side and providing a user-friendly experience. It is important to fulfil Amazon’s technical requirements and ensure that your AR applications work smoothly on different devices and platforms. Working with experts such as Mazing who have experience in AR implementations is recommended.

Increase your conversion rate on Amazon.

Request a free demo 3D model.