Augmented reality for jewellery

Try on jewellery virtually with Web AR

The result

„Der 3D/AR Viewer von Mazing setzt unseren Schmuck nochmals besonders in Szene.“ – Yakup, Geschäftsführer Boris Diamond Jewellery GmbH

Jewellery in 3D and augmented reality

For many shoppers, buying jewellery and watches online involves a long decision-making process. You look at hundreds of products and try to estimate the actual size based on photos.

Most people can’t imagine what a product looks like in reality from photos. This problem is a challenge for online retailers in particular, because you simply can’t provide enough information with images and a product description.

Augmented reality for jewellery can help here. Jewellery can be displayed in 360° on the website using a 3D viewer to make the purchase decision easier. Clicking on the “View in room” button starts the augmented reality experience. The next development planned at Mazing is the virtual fitting of jewellery.

Augmented reality is now being used more and more in the jewellery industry. Our project with Glowbus also demonstrates the effectiveness of this technology.

Virtual Try On as a new trend in the jewellery industry

More and more customers are becoming familiar with AR and expect an immersive shopping experience. This trend is being driven even further by big players such as Amazon and Ikea. Web Augmented Reality can be used to reach a much wider audience as no app download is necessary. This is the only way for Boris Diamond to utilise this feature. Louis Vuitton has now also published Virtual Try On for jewellery for all products.

The popularity of augmented reality in various industries is growing at an incredible rate of almost 20% CAGR. Companies can continue to expect stronger growth from the use of AR for jewellery as development intensifies, which is a major development not only for large-scale industry, but also for small and medium-sized companies.