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Increase eyewear sales by 25% through virtual try-ons

The Mazing Virtual Try On solution for eyewear is perfect for online shops and retail.

  • Create 3D models
  • Upload 3D models
  • AR within seconds

Web AR for Eyewear

Nobody wants uncertainty

Try eyewear with AR at home before buying

  • Try eyewear live
  • Without app download
  • Ohne “Face Scan”
  • Accurate tracking
  • For iOS and Android
  • Used by manufacturers, online shops, opticians …

AR Eyewear

Easily create virtual try-ons for eyewear

Offering an emotional shopping experience with little effort and marketing eyewear shopping more easily with AR.

1. From photos to 3D/AR

Upload photos and create a 3D model, or upload finished models directly and generate a virtual try-on.

2. Embedding

The AR application can be integrated via iframe on your website, on all common shop systems or shared via direct link.

3. Asset management

On our cloud asset management platform, you can manage 3D / AR glasses and check how often the products have been tried on at home.


Developed and tested together with manufacturers. Web AR evokes more emotions than JPGs and lets undecided buyers place orders.


Higher conversion rate


Fewer returns


More time on the website


Web based AR Platform

Mazing offers the simplest virtual try-on software for glasses

Without app

Mazing works completely without an app – no annoying download required.


The Mazing AR software is compatible with all common devices.


Can be integrated on all platforms, from WordPress to Shopify.


Easy upload and management of 3D/AR assets.

Our customers can visualise how a product looks much better by trying it on virtually. This helps website visitors enormously in their decision-making process.

Fauna GlassesVirtual Try On Brillen

Website visitors and future customers can visualise how our products look in reality much better with 3D and AR.

RomanCMO, SoftTie

You can now experience and design our Toshiba Haori at home before you buy it. A new form of infotainment.

ToshibaAR Klimaanlagen

I was completely blown away when I tried the AR application for my hotel for the first time. What an extraordinary marketing tool!

Bear Hotel South TyrolAR for hotels

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Was ist Virtual Try On?

Virtual Try On für Brillen ermöglicht es Ihren (potentiellen) Kunden, mit ihrem Smartphone ein 3D-Modell einer Brille virtuell anzuprobieren. Käufer können durch AR / Virtual Try On Ihr Produkt vor dem Kauf Zuhause erleben und analysieren. Welche Arten von AR es gibt, lesen Sie hier.

What are the benefits of Virtual Try On for eyewear?

“Try before you buy” erhöht nachweislich die Konversionsrate und verringert Rücksendungen. Einiger Studien zufolge erhöhen sich die Verkäufe vor allem online um bis zu 30% und man spart rund 20% an Rücksendungen.

Der komplette Guide zu virtual try on für Brillen.

In which sectors can I use Virtual Try On?

Abgesehen von Brillen können auch andere Kopfbedeckungen, Schmuck und Schuhe mit der Mazing Lösung virtuell anprobiert werden. Für Möbel oder Kunst sollte Web AR Produktplatzierung verwendet werden.

What is special about Mazing Web AR?

We take over the entire process from 2D image + dimensions as input to the finished virtual fitting.

With Mazing, it is not necessary to scan your face and eyewear can be tried on virtually straight away.

How much does an integration cost?

If you do not yet have 3D models, we will generate them for you. The creation of the models depends on the complexity and quantity and ranges from €50.00 to €100.00.

The Mazing Virtual Try On software for glasses is €19.00 for 10 models, €79.00 for 100 models and €249.00 for 500 models per month.

How do I get started?

Why not book a non-binding initial consultation HERE. We can test the solution directly with one of your spectacles.

Increase your conversion rate.

Test software or get free consulting.