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3D Viewer

View products from all angles with 3D Viewer

  • 3D models from simple images
  • Products in 3D on the website without an app
  • For Shopify, WooCommerce, Shopware…

3D viewer of the highest quality


From 2D to 3D in your online store


Create 3D models

The first step for a 3D viewer is the creation of 3D models. All you need are 2-3 product photos and Mazing will do the rest.

Choose the right platform

Once the 3D models are ready, it’s time to find the right software for integrating the 3D viewer. Mazing is a partner of all common store platforms. Among others WooCommerce, Shopify, Shopware and many more.

Webshop Integration

Mazing integrates the 3D product presentation on your website in just a few seconds.
Conversion Rate +
Returnrate -

Mazing delivers high quality 3D viewers for your products.

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Experience in 60 seconds

Tobias Düll

CEO Art-Mind Shop

"The A/B test revealed that the conversion rate increased by 42% as a result of the mazing solution. The service, from 3D creation to integration, was excellent."

Business- changing results

Johann Strasser

CEO Wingliner & Lorrygram

"The Mazing augmented reality solution turned out to be an excellent solution for direct sales and marketing."

Mazing makes using 3D Viewer better than ever before


Scalable 3D creation

  • 3D model from 2-4 photos
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Fast review process

High quality 3D viewer

  • Without app
  • All online store platforms
  • 3D product presentation

3D Asset Plattform

  • Upload and manage 3D
  • Anti-Theft Encryption
  • GDPR-compliant hosting

Free Integration

  • Mazing Plugins
  • Integration Script
  • iframe / HTML Code

3D Database

  • 10,000+ 3D models
  • Furniture, shoes and co.
  • Models of all well-known brands

Personalised Consulting

  • With AR marketing experts
  • Use on the website
  • Use at the PoS

3D and web AR projects from the market leader

Lifestyle renderings for interior design

AR fuer Moebelhersteller

Augmented reality for furniture manufacturers

Digital shopping assistant for smartphones: Telekom

Virtual test hanging of pictures: Art-Mind Shop


What is a 3D viewer?

3D Viewer is a tool that allows potential and existing customers to view your products from different angles directly on your website to get a better visualization.

For which product groups is a 3D viewer suitable?

For all products that need a closer look. From furniture, decorative items and carpets to clothing, jewelry and vehicles. The 3D Viewer can be used in various industries to improve the customer experience and thus increase customer satisfaction.

What is special about Mazing 3D Viewer?

We take care of the entire process from 3D model creation to integration on any website or store system. We can create 3D models with simple 2D images in a matter of minutes. In addition, the quality of our 3D viewer is unmistakable.

What are the costs for 3D viewers?

If you do not yet have 3D models, we will generate them for you. The creation of the models depends on the complexity and ranges from €100.00 to €500.00+. The Mazing Web AR software and platform is available to you from €19.00 per month.

How do I create my 3D/AR models?

The process for creating 3D models at Mazing is simple and cost-effective. You upload 3-5 photos and dimensions (or send us a link to the product) and we provide the 3D viewer. The photos do not have to be professional shots. You can find out more here.

What are the advantages of AR?

Our previous projects show that 3D models and 3D viewers primarily increase the conversion rate. By optimizing customers’ imagination, they become more confident buyers and are more likely to make a purchase.

Are 3D viewers also suitable for use in virtual or augmented reality environments?

Yes, of course. The 3D models can be used for many different tools. These include 3D viewers, virtual try-on functions and also web augmented reality. Mazing’s Web AR software is another upgrade to the shopping experience. Customers have the opportunity to virtually place the products in their room or try them on.

Is it possible to change sizes or colors in a 3D viewer?

If, in addition to the 3D viewer, a 3D configurator is also integrated into the website, website visitors also have the option of changing the colors and sizes of the product. Mazing also offers high quality results for this service.

Increase your conversion rate by 30+ %

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