Augmented Reality in Agriculture

High Realistic Product Presentation


  • High quality 3D model creation
  • Web Augmented Reality
  • Integration into the website
  • Use at the trade fair

Manuel Messner

Rumex Accountmanager

Augmented Reality in Agriculture facilitates Distribution and Transportation

Rumex GmbH, a successful start-up in the agricultural sector, has taken the bold step of using augmented reality to better market its unique product. The product is a camera system that recognizes dock plants and treats them selectively using crop protection sprayers.

Since an innovative product also requires an innovative product presentation, Rumex implemented Mazing’s Web AR solution in its marketing strategy. High-quality 3D modeling enables the professional presentation of the product and the use of augmented reality in agriculture.

Another reason for using Mazing’s innovative technology is the complexity of the camera system. It is technologically very sophisticated and not easy to understand at first glance. The ability to view it as a 3D model from all angles is a huge relief for customers.

In addition, due to the size and scope of the system, it was almost impossible to present the entire setup at trade fairs and events. With Web AR, the whole thing can be presented much better, without additional transportation.

The following case study shows the advantages that Rumex GmbH has gained from working with Mazing and their software solution. It shows that augmented reality in agriculture greatly optimizes the sales and transport process.


Less Transportation Costs


More Interaction on the Website


Higher sales figures

Rumex GmbH and Augmented Reality in Agriculture: a transparent Overview

  • Optimized comprehensibility and longer dwell time:
    With Mazing’s Web AR solution, potential Rumex customers can experience the camera system in a high-quality 3D representation. They have the opportunity to view the product virtually and see how it works right before their eyes. This made the complex system easier to understand and grasp. Optimizing the product presentation also increases the length of stay and interaction on the website.
  • Effective presentation at trade fairs:
    With the use of augmented reality in agriculture, it was no longer necessary to take the entire physical system with you to trade fairs. Instead, visitors could see the camera system in action through their smartphones or tablets. This allowed an impressive and interactive presentation that piqued the interest of trade fair visitors and positioned Rumex as an innovative company.
  • Cost and resource savings:
    The reduction in transportation costs is particularly worth mentioning here. By eliminating the need for the physical presence of the camera system at trade fairs and other diverse locations, transportation costs are significantly reduced. This has a positive impact on the environment, as Rumex reduces its CO2 footprint and contributes to sustainability.
  • Increase in sales figures:
    Using augmented reality in marketing and making it easier to understand automatically increases customer confidence in the product. Greater buying confidence in turn leads to rising sales figures and profitable customers.
  • Professional and modern image:
    By integrating augmented reality in agriculture, Rumex was not only able to demonstrate the functionality of its product, but also present itself as a pioneer in the use of cutting-edge technologies. This strengthened brand perception and customer confidence in Rumex’s innovative strength.


Rumex GmbH uses augmented reality in agriculture to market its innovative camera system that recognizes and treats dock plants. Mazing’s Web AR solution enables customers to better understand and interactively experience the complex system in 3D. This reduces transportation costs and CO2 emissions, as the physical system does not have to be taken to trade fairs. It also increases the time spent on your website and boosts interaction with visitors. All of this leads to optimized sales figures and underpins the USP and innovative ability of Rumex GmbH.