3D configurator for saunas

More purchase security and interaction


  • High quality 3D model creation
  • 3D Configurator
  • Price calculation integration
  • Web Augmented Reality
  • Integration into the website

Manuel Messner

Hydrosoft Accountmanager

3D configurator for saunas increases purchase security and interaction

Hydrosoft is a leading company in the field of sauna and wellness solutions, which has recently started offering a 3D configurator in its store. Although the quality and variety of products are undisputed, customers struggled to use the website effectively. Many potential buyers were unsure which sauna was right for them and how it would fit into their home.

The company was faced with the challenge of improving the customer experience on its website and increasing purchase security. They set themselves the goal of explaining the various features of their saunas to customers so that they can make an informed purchasing decision.

This is where Mazing, one of the leading providers of augmented reality software solutions, came into play. Mazing developed a state-of-the-art sauna configurator for Hydrosoft, giving customers a personalized experience on the website.

With the 3D configurator, the smallest details of the sauna can be customized, such as benches, floors, lights, stoves, back walls and much more. On the website, you also have the option of placing your individual sauna in your own home using Web AR. This ensures that the product meets the customer’s expectations.

The following case study shows how Mazing Hydrosoft’s 3D solutions helped them achieve their goals. It confirms that the 3D configurator for saunas and AR increases customer confidence and interaction on the website.


More interaction with customers


Higher sales figures


Longer time spent on the website

Hydrosoft and the 3D configurator: the results at a glance

  • Longer time spent on the website:
    The 3D configurator for saunas and the Web AR function are new, additional features on the Hydrosoft website. These innovative tools not only make the experience much more interesting and appealing for visitors, but also encourage a closer examination of the products on offer. Potential customers are encouraged to explore the website for longer and obtain detailed information.
  • More interaction with customers:
    Thanks to the new features and the longer dwell time, there is also more interaction with (potential) customers on the website. Visitors frequently click on the 3D configurator to customize their individual sauna, try out different options and virtually place the sauna in their own room. These interactive elements promote successful customer loyalty.
  • Higher sales figures:
    The 3D configurator offers customers greater certainty that the sauna is exactly what they want and that they can buy a perfect oasis of well-being for their home. This leads to better sales figures for Hydrosoft.
  • Outlook and goals:
    When the collaboration between Mazing and Hydrosoft began, initially only the Web AR function was used for certain products. The results were excellent, which is why they expanded to include a 3D configurator for saunas. Mazing offers the perfect service to ensure that Hydrosoft meets market and customer requirements. The aim is to utilize and continuously expand technological innovations.


Thanks to the modern 3D configurator from Mazing, Hydrosoft customers can now customize their sauna down to the smallest detail and place it virtually in their own room using WebAR.
The introduction of these tools has extended the time spent on the website, increased interaction with customers and boosted sales figures. Customers can now make an informed purchase decision, as they can be sure that the configured sauna meets their expectations.
The collaboration between Hydrosoft and Mazing began with the use of WebAR and was extended to a comprehensive 3D configurator due to the positive results. Hydrosoft plans to continue using technological innovations to meet market and customer requirements.