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Melanie Jeitschko

Melanie Jeitschko

Advercharge Accountmanager

Augmented Reality in Point of Sales (POS) optimizes the sales process

Instead of long explanations of Advercharge’s innovative charging stations, the company relies on 3D modeling and Web Augmented Reality (WebAR) for direct sales. True to the motto “Pictures say more than 1,000 words.”

Advercharge is an innovative company that has set itself the goal of creating and marketing a new marketing concept. This is digital advertising on charging stations. Your customers have the option of booking “screen time” on the advertising display.

In the end, the only question that remained was how best to bring this great concept to the man. This is where the innovative WebAR technology comes into play. This makes it possible to place the charging station virtually in any room.

Through WebAR, Advercharge has managed to turn their vision into reality. The aim was to create an innovative product presentation where you can see what the product has to offer in just a few seconds. No long explanations, just a brilliant presentation. Mazing implemented this visualization in the highest quality.

The following case study illustrates the benefits that have resulted from the collaboration between Advercharge and Mazing, one of the leading WebAR companies. It is confirmed that augmented reality at the POS reduces the complexity of the sales process and increases efficiency.


More efficiency in the sales process


More interaction with the AR QR code


More screentime bookings

COO of Advercharge on the role of WebAR in the B2B sector: today and in the future

  • More interaction and persuasiveness:
    “How great is that, I’ve put the charging station in my living room!” – These are the words of Advercharge’s investors and (potential) customers. The integrated QR code in pitch decks and their marketing presentations leads to much more interaction. The QR code for placing the charging station is scanned an average of 5 times per presentation sent. This individual visualization strengthens the power of persuasion immensely.
  • More efficiency in the entire sales process:
    The ability to place Advercharge charging stations anywhere, in any environment, with just one click increases the efficiency of the sales process. There is no need for long explanations on the subject of the concept and what exactly it looks like. Customers can easily and simply get a highly realistic, virtual picture of it for themselves.
  • Higher sales figures:
    The higher sales figures are also impressive. The Web AR function in direct sales gives Advercharge a unique USP. Potential customers have the opportunity to view the charging station virtually from every angle before booking a Screentime. This gives them a sense of security that they are making the right investment for their advertising broadcasts.
  • The future of WebAR:
    “It’s a technology that’s here to stay.” – Says the COO of Advercharge. AR Ecommerce gives us the opportunity to display products in real time and real size. And this in a continuously globalized environment. You don’t have to have the product on site, you can present it virtually. This is a huge advantage, especially when you think about logistics, transportation, lower CO2 emissions and sustainability.
  • The role of Mazing:
    Mazing, as one of the leading augmented reality software providers, has risen to the challenge of meeting this technological development. According to Advercharge, the service was uncomplicated and fast. The requirements were implemented to the highest quality and in line with our expectations.


Advercharge uses augmented reality at the point of sale to present its charging stations and its marketing concept. WebAR allows the charging stations to be placed virtually, eliminating the need for long explanations. The collaboration with Mazing, a leading WebAR provider, has increased efficiency in the sales process and enhanced persuasiveness. Customers can experience the charging stations realistically and individually, which leads to higher sales. WebAR also offers advantages for logistics and the environment, as products can be displayed virtually. Mazing implemented Advercharge’s requirements quickly and to a high standard.