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AR applications

Business applications of augmented reality


Inspiration for your industry

Our web-based augmented reality software can be used in a wide variety of AR applications. As AR e-commerce professionals, we are of course ideally positioned to transform your product presentation. However, thanks to our experience in a wide variety of industries, we certainly have ideas for other applications.

Whether you already have 3D models or need to create new ones, the Mazing platform and solutions are flexible and can accommodate companies and brands at every stage of their immersive journey. Thanks to the aMazing team of 3D and AR experts and creative minds, there are hardly any limits to our AR software. Here are a few highlights.

If you see these Käsekrainer in the garden... you just have to order the griller.
Sales tool for workshop equipment
Bring archaeological finds into your own home
Viral marketing for Tesla detailing and paint shop.
A graduation trophy to show off anywhere. (Psst... while promoting the university).
Richard Lugner
Place our favorite master builder at home... or just a marketing gimmick for the Lugner City?
Place a postcard with a hotel to take home - looking forward to the next booking
Finally a Mona Lisa in your own home. Also an extremely effective sales tool for artists.
Just try the hoody virtually.
Animal related products
From scratching posts to leashes - exceptionally presented
3D printer
Sales tool for website and direct sales.
Smart Devices
Innovative products and 2D images from yesterday? No thank you!
Don't just order, experience.
€100.000 for a jpg? Let's make AR out of it instead.
Tiny Houses
Simply place a house in front of the construction.
game tables
Easier purchase decision for pool table customers
Very classic - AR furniture. Waiting for Amazon WebAR to implement might not be the best idea
Please take a real shower gel with you in the shower, otherwise your cell phone will be broken. Still, a transformative product presentation.
school is boring? Certainly not with virtual suns.
What happens when a child projects a virtual toy onto the car carpet?
Works of art difficult to sell? Not with AR.

No limits

Through web-based AR, Mazing creates groundbreaking new marketing approaches in 3D and augmented reality. The targeted use of AR applications on websites, in direct customer discussions or, for example, on social media has already brought significant success to our partners, here find our success stories. Shoppers can virtually try your products in AR from anywhere. You can take a picture with these lifelike products and post it on your social media and even share it with friends and family. They can get a feel for how something fits into their environment and find out if the products fit their style.

From Aida hot tubs in the garden, Hydrosoft infrared cabins in the wellness area to Bärnehotel at the desk and freshly painted Tesla by Jürs in the garage – everything is possible!

We want to help companies expand their unique selling proposition, improve their conversion return rate and offer an unforgettable experience. In this way, they can exploit their full potential. We would be happy if you look into the future with us and if we can show you a few approaches in a free AR consultation.


The function not only turns out to be a proof of competence for interested parties, but also ensures an image boost for existing customers, who can now proudly show their whirlpool everywhere.

Aida LtdAR hot tubs

Website visitors and future customers can use 3D and AR to get a much better idea of ​​what our products look like in reality.

soft tieAR plant binder

You can now experience and design our Toshiba Haori at home before you buy it. A new form of infotainment.

ToshibaAR air conditioners

I was over the moon when I tried the AR application for my hotel for the first time. What an extraordinary marketing tool!

Bear Hotel South TyrolAR for hotels

My customers can now place my garden cubes in the garden before purchasing. The illustration is true to scale and gives the customer the feeling of which model fits best.

GardomoAR for garden houses

Before Mazing I got feedback that it was difficult to imagine what the pictures would look like at home before buying them

OctophinaAR for paintings

You don't see your industry yet?

Contact us for new ideas.