Augmented reality for office furniture

WebAR Success Story: Mute Labs

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The result

“Mazing has taken our product presentation to a new level. The augmented reality display in the office makes the purchase decision easier” – Conradin Castell, Managing Director mute-labs GmbH

Soundproofed telephone boxes and meeting booths in 3D and augmented reality

Do the telephone boxes and meeting booths fit in the room? How does the sense of space change?

With the Mazing AR solution, office furnishings can be tested live in your own room. In this way, users can get an impression of the spatial effect and the optimal color combination before they buy it. AR office furniture is one of the many uses.

For mute-labs we implemented the telephone box and the meeting box. The 360° view directly on the website impresses the customer immediately and also adequately stages the phone boxes. The even greater advantage, however, is the display in your own office. With one click, the Mazing Web Augmented Reality software opens and customers can test the models in their own four walls.

The tool is also used for customer appointments, whether online or in person. The feature usually impresses future customers immediately and underlines mute-labs as an innovative company.

Right now, augmented reality is being used more and more in the furniture industry. Our project too Yaasa tables shows the effectiveness of this technology.


AR placements


Longer website dwell time when using AR


Higher conversion rate when using AR

The revolution in the furniture industry

Buying new furniture is not easy, especially online. What if they don't match your other furniture? How can you be sure that this bold color will look good in your living room? And above all: will this piece of furniture really live up to your expectations?

A few years ago, Tim Cook and Gartner predicted that AR shopping would be an upcoming trend. They reckoned that over a hundred million customers would use AR when (online) shopping. AR office furniture is an example of this today. The corona pandemic and the increase in online shopping have made AR even more important. As our projects with Mute Labs, Yaasa, Aida etc. show, AR is particularly suitable for furniture, office furniture, whirlpools, pictures... So products that people want to see, feel and experience in real life. Thanks to AR, these products can now be well presented and safely bought online.