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If you take a closer look at an Instagram story, you can see that it is hardly ever created without a filter. Large bloggers and influencers usually already use their own filters. 


What is an Instagram filter? 

A filter is an augmented reality application whose creativity and ideas are almost limitless. Everything is possible, from a food cam to a moody up color filter or a baby face make-up filter.

Whether it is a standard or individual story filter can be seen from the name in the upper left corner of a story. But how does this filter get there and how is it linked to a profile? The starting shot for your own Instagram or Facebook story filter is an idea or a special topic that fits your profile. Once the concept is in place, filters are designed and developed in an augmented reality environment. Facebook and Instagram offer their own environment for creating, managing and analyzing reach, but more on that later. After creation, the filter is linked to Facebook or Instagram profiles. Facebook checks whether the filter complies with the guidelines. The filter is usually released after a few days and then appears in a new tab in your profile.  

 What is the point of having your own filter?

Creating a filter isn't easy, but it's always great fun to try out new things and improve them. But, the effort pays off, because everyone who uses your filter mentions you indirectly and thus advertises you. Your profile and the name of your filter will appear in the upper left area. Anyone who views the story sees this and thus references your profile. At the same time, your profile views and thus your popularity will increase. Once the filter is in circulation, you don't have to do anything else for it, there is hardly any better and cheaper advertising on Instagram. The important thing is that the filter should match the profile and/or brand. Facebook now offers numerous analysis options for exactly how your filter is used. 

Key indicators for the success of your filter is, for example, the number of times your effect or filter has been shared. Other key figures are, for example, demographic information on age or gender. 

An Instagram filter is not only important to you, but also to Facebook. Accordingly, a profile is rated better and more importantly if it is connected to a story filter. So it can be clearly seen that Facebook attaches great importance to this technology


Applications of filters

From over 150 created filters we can say one thing, there are hardly any limits to creativity. From images that are virtually projected onto the wall, colors that are swapped, presets that we convert into story filters, camera frames that we draw or beauty filters that we create. We would like to go into a few points in more detail here:

Sell ​​presets. For preset sellers and creators, it's an ideal way to give their followers a taste of the presets available. The same applies to photographers... what works better than a story filter that is widely shared?

product placement. The functionalities are constantly evolving, for example Sony has created a filter for the PS5 with which the packaging can be placed at home. 

Test products virtually. Small companies in particular can benefit from the rapid development. For example, lipstick or make-up can be tested. This in turn supports the customer's purchasing decision. The latest development from Instagram allows hair to be colored virtually. Conceivably great potential for hairdressers or stylists to attract attention. 

Future of Instagram Filters

The function of creating filters yourself is still relatively young, which is sometimes reflected in difficulties with uploading or creating the filter. However, the speed at which new functionalities are developed is even clearer. This means Facebook sees great potential behind the possibilities of AR applications.  

Advertising is only effective if it is not noticed. This is exactly what Instagram filters offer, they are unobtrusive and usually offer the user added value free of charge. But the market is quite competitive already, some big bloggers and profiles already have their own filter. That means take the chance now to benefit from this opportunity. 


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