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How to use augmented reality

By June 14, 2021January 29th, 2024No Comments

How to use augmented reality

This is a guide on how to use Web Augmented Reality. In this article, we present the MAZING WebAR solution for e-commerce so that you can test it for yourself.

Please ensure that you are using suitable hardware:
All iPhones from 2017 with IOS 13+
All Android phones from 2018 with ARCore 1.9+

1. scroll 3D model to zoom and move

Mazing augmented reality products can be zoomed and moved in a playful way. Press ALT or Option and then scroll. If you are using an Apple Magic Mouse, you do not need to press an additional button.

2- 3D / AR Select product type and variant

Mazing products can be presented in different types and variants, e.g:
– Modell
– Size
– Colour


3- Click on “VIEW IN ROOM” for the augmented reality view

Once you have opened the link with your smartphone, the camera opens directly. A QR code opens on the desktop, which must be scanned with a smartphone.


4- Scan the room in augmented reality

The room must be scanned briefly. To do this, point the smartphone camera at the floor at an angle and swivel it. If a horizontal surface is found, the mazing product appears.

5- Place your mazing product

You can place the product wherever you want and then even move it around the room by tapping and moving it.

6- Take a screenshot or video and share it with friends, family and customers.

Click on the button below to take a photo or video.