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Anyone who doesn’t want to spend hours trying on glasses at the optician now finally has a viable alternative: a virtual glasses fitting. The new virtual try-on technology for glasses enables spectacle wearers – or those who want to become one – to try on different models virtually before buying. This way, eyewear shoppers can choose the best option for their face without entering a shop. In this Virtual Try-On Guide for glasses you will learn everything you need to know to get started today!

How can I try on glasses virtually?

With the Virtual Try On, customers can easily try on a pair of glasses virtually to see if they fit and like them. Thanks to the large selection, you can try out different models and colours and compare which glasses suit you best. With the ability to test and try on glasses in real time, this technology offers a unique shopping experience. Interested parties can get an idea of their glasses before they buy them and thus make faster and better purchasing decisions.

Customers can take a photo of themselves with their webcam or smartphone and the image is then transferred to the virtual environment. However, this option is quite static. A much more interesting and effective option is to test the glasses in real time. All the customer has to do is look into the camera of their smartphone or PC. The glasses are then adjusted to the face and it looks as if he actually has the glasses on. You can also move your head while trying on the glasses to see all the details.


Which technology enables virtual spectacle fitting?

The procedure is usually as follows: The customer uploads a picture of themselves or activates the webcam to start a live video. They can then select different models of glasses and place them virtually on their face. The virtual spectacle fitting uses state-of-the-art technology to obtain realistic images. Artificial intelligence and 3D scanning are used to capture the face and head and adapt the shape of the glasses. Augmented reality technology (AR for short) is also used, which allows you to see what the glasses will look like in real time.


Try on glasses virtually with Mazing

The Mazing application does not require an app, so no annoying downloads or face scans. The virtual try-on for glasses is possible directly on the website or in the online shop. All the customer has to do is look into the camera of their smartphone, laptop or PC. Artificial intelligence is then used to recognise the face and adapt the 3D model of the glasses accordingly.

What do I have to do if I as a salesperson want to enable my customers to try on with AR? First of all, you need a 3D model. If you do not yet have any models, we can create high-quality models for you. All we need are a few product photos. Of course, we also prepare them so that they are suitable for virtual try-ons for glasses.

This is followed by webshop integration. We are partners for all common shop platforms and can take over the integration into your webshop. Other tools such as filters or configurators are also of particular interest in the area of virtual glasses try-ons and can be implemented with Mazing.


Which companies offer virtual try on for glasses?

There are several companies that offer virtual try-on for eyewear, including some of the largest retailers in the market. Many people will be familiar with the company Mister Spex, which offers a huge selection of eyewear models for virtual try-ons. Other popular options are Apollo, Fielmann, Ray-Ban, Lenskartl and GlassUSA. And more and more companies are recognising the potential of virtual try-ons for glasses every day.


The future of virtual glasses fitting

The development of the virtual glasses try-on offers a completely new shopping experience. With the latest technology, glasses can be tried on directly from a computer or smartphone without actually having to put them on. This helps customers to find the best option and saves them time and money. Trying on glasses virtually will be an important part of the shopping experience of the future. As technology advances and online shopping becomes more popular, it is increasingly important to offer customers a unique and convenient shopping experience. Virtual Try On for eyewear plays a key role in helping customers find eyewear that suits their needs and style. Customisation is already possible using a configurator.a The same model can be tried on in different pre-selected colours, for example. However, further personalisation options such as a free choice of colours, engravings, printed names, etc. will also become increasingly possible. The customer can therefore customise the glasses entirely according to their wishes and needs and receive a self-designed, individual product.

Of course, there will still be branches of the eyewear shops. The virtual try-on for glasses provides a good option for making a pre-selection online. To make a quick decision in the shop, you only have to try on the models that you have already liked virtually. As there are more styles to choose from online, styles that the customer is already interested in through the virtual fitting can be ordered to the shop for a real fitting. The reverse is also possible: A customer comes into the shop and can try on glasses virtually in addition to the glasses that are on site. If they are interested, the corresponding models are ordered to the shop for a real fitting.

Virtual try-ons for glasses certainly make sense, as they offer customers a convenient and realistic opportunity to try on and compare different models of glasses online before deciding on a purchase. This can not only save time and effort, but also minimise the risk of incorrect purchases and returns.


Ready for higher conversion rates and fewer returns with virtual try-on?