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WebAR is the future

Normal product images are a thing of the past and customers want to visualise products at home before they buy. Dynamic 3D images and augmented reality increase the customer’s interest and make them more willing to buy.

Product images are simply passé

Mazing WebAR

More and more online shops are benefiting from WebAR

Customers want to be surprised – the greater the surprise effect, the greater the willingness to buy.

Augmented reality for online shops offers companies new opportunities to stand out from the competition, win new customers and increase their sales.

We all know how important the first impression is when a customer lands on our e-commerce store.
But it’s hard to get noticed in a social media-soaked world.
We invest a lot of time, energy and money in building a website to stand out from the competition, but often it just doesn’t work.

What does WebAR mean?

With WebAR for e-commerce, your customers could place your products to scale at home before buying.

WebAR is augmented reality without an app.
This means that all experiences can be fully displayed and experienced via a web browser on a mobile phone, tablet or PC.
So you don’t need a “dedicated” application for this.

Test it yourself


Why does my e-commerce store need WebAR?

WebAR helps to increase interest in a brand by providing highly interactive content.
You stand out from the competition and offer the customer an unforgettable shopping experience.

Any company that wants to make a name for itself now and in the future and increase its following should utilise this new technology.


The advantages of augmented reality at a glance:

  • higher conversion rate which leads to more online sales
  • check at a glance whether a product fits in terms of size and design
  • try different products without having to leave the house, regardless of opening hours
  • offers a virtual “try before you buy” approach
  • makes it possible to place products at home, without obligation and in an environmentally friendly way
  • Share with friends, family and colleagues
  • Unique selling point compared to regular online shops


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