WebAR success story:



The result

“MAZING did a very good job. Other devices will follow in order to be able to offer our customers this new form of infotainment.
Hands down the best web augmented reality company
.” – Toshiba

Design Toshiba Haori before buying and place it on the wall.

For Toshiba we have adapted the previewed 3D CAD models to AR so that the design and loading time is first class. Thanks to our 3D / AR configurator, you can also design the air conditioning individually. With the AR placement on the wall, you can experience at a glance which model now fits the room best in terms of size and design.

Before our service, Toshiba customers had difficulty making decisions and were often dissatisfied with their design. Toshiba now offers to try the indoor unit before you buy it, which increases customer satisfaction and is another unique selling point for the company. In addition, we have programmed an augmented reality checkout button so that you can buy the air conditioner immediately after the AR placement.


AR placements


The website visitors also use the AR view


Emotional shopping