Augmented reality for Furniture Manufacturers

Augmented reality transforms the B2B Shopping Experience

Augmented reality for furniture manufacturers transforms B2B Sales

In the dynamic world of retail, Modus Furniture is recognised as a leading top casegoods supplier offering a differentiated, trend-led product line. The company has transformed their sales with augmented reality for furniture manufacturers.

With a focus on high-quality materials and value-added features, Modus has built a reputation for excellence and innovation. As a company with domestic distribution, vertical manufacturing and operations on three continents, Modus Furniture offers customised furniture for every retailer, from private labels to domestic warehouses.

Faced with growing customer expectations for personalised shopping experiences and digital innovation, Modus Furniture was challenged to find new ways to expand its business and increase customer satisfaction.

In this case study, we, Mazing GmbH, as one of the leading augmented reality software companies, have set ourselves the task of demonstrating together with Modus Furniture how innovative AR solutions can revolutionise the shopping experience in the B2B furniture sector.

The result in this video:


Cost savings when AR is used


Lower return rates with integration of AR


Increasing sales through the use of AR

Increasing sales through the use of AR

Modus Furniture actively utilises Mazing’s augmented reality solutions at trade fairs and other events to offer potential customers an immersive experience and allow them to test the products on site. This in turn means that the costs for the required square metres and showrooms are reduced immensely.

By integrating Web AR, Modus Furniture offers its customers a 3D viewer that allows them to view products in three dimensions directly on the screen. This innovative viewer allows customers to view the furniture from different angles and place it virtually in their own rooms before they make a purchase decision.

In addition, Modus Furniture uses Mazing’s 3D configurator, which allows customers to customise the colours and sizes of the furniture according to their individual preferences.
These personalised options create a tailored shopping experience and increase the likelihood of a successful sale.

In addition, Modus Furniture’s multi-placement feature offers the ability to use AR to virtually place multiple objects in a room at the same time, allowing customers to explore different furnishing options and make an informed decision.

By integrating Mazing’s AR software, Modus strengthens the relationship and bond with their retailers by offering not only furniture items, but also different types of 3D models. This is a great advantage for retailers, as it reduces the return rates of their online shop and increases sales.

Modus Furniture is definitely a pioneer in this industry with the introduction of AR and has established itself as one of the most innovative furniture wholesalers.