Augmented Reality für Whirlpools

WebAR success story: Aida

The result

The result exceeds our wildest expectations. Really great work.” – AIDA GmbH

True-to-scale visualisation of whirlpools on your own terrace in AR

What might a hot tub look like in the garden or on the patio?

Maßstabsgetreue Visualisierung von Whirlpools auf Ihrer eigenen Terrasse in AR Many companies face this challenge, especially when selling online. If you can’t touch or experience a €8,000.00 product beforehand, the inhibition threshold for ordering such a product is high.

For Aida, we use augmented reality for whirlpools to solve these problems. For Aida, we use augmented reality for whirlpools to solve these problems. The display in your own home also awakens a “want-to-have” feeling even before the purchase.

We have also used our product configurator. This allows customers to try out different indoor bathtubs and lighting to test which variant best suits their home.




We also used our product configurator.


Emotional shopping

The perfect sales support for the whirlpool industry

Appearance and size are extremely important for products such as whirlpools. However, you can’t imagine much from boring 2D images. The opportunity to place whirlpools at home before buying is not only an enormous decision-making aid, but also (still) sets companies apart from the competition. This tool can also be used in direct sales.

According to Aida, this not only helps with sales, but also with customer loyalty. This means that customers can proudly take their hot tub with them wherever they go and show it off to friends. To advertise the innovation, Aida has published a video, for example. AR whirlpools are just one example; the solution can also be used perfectly for furniture or billiard tables.