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Order, unpack, try on and… send back. Unfortunately, this is the usual procedure for most customers who have ordered clothing. More and more retailers are trying to avoid the problem of returns by providing their customers with virtual try-on aids. The latest highlight: Virtual Try-On for shoes.

Fitting via the smartphone camera

Augmented reality, or AR for short, is used to achieve the impressive effect of the shoes actually looking dressed. Trying on is done via the smartphone camera. Customers select a pair of shoes, tap the “Virtual Try On Button” and point the camera at their feet. It already looks like they have their shoes on. The feet can now also be moved or the camera angle changed. This allows the shoes to be inspected from all angles.

Advantages for customers and retailers

The big advantage for customers is obvious: the better they can visualise how the shoes will look on them through the virtual try-on, the more likely they are to make the right purchase decision. Online retailers spend a large part of their margins on getting customers to convert, and probably even more on servicing returns. For the retailer, a suitable purchase by the customer means that the customer is unlikely to return the item. The costs incurred by retailers as a result of returns can be significantly reduced.

A number of shoe brands are presenting their new products not only offline, but also increasingly online. Many customers are very excited about new shoe releases and AR is a great new way for people to experience shoes that are new to the market or about to be launched. It is no longer necessary to leave your own four walls. The innovative application allows customers to experience the product in a completely new way. Trying on in AR is fun and means that the customer spends a longer time on the sales portal. This in turn leads to a more likely sale.

AR for shoes serves as a great marketing tool here. A photo of the selected shoe can be taken during the try-on, which can then of course also be shared via social media. The customer can present which shoe he has bought or would like to buy. The opinions of followers can be used in the purchasing decision. But the retailer also benefits. The more often the photos of your product are shared, the greater the awareness of the retailer or brand.

More and more platforms are offering AR experiences

Technology companies are rushing to expand their e-commerce solutions as consumer behaviour changes dramatically online. Social media platforms in particular are increasingly focussing on product sales. Snapchat, for example, has introduced updates that make it easier for users to discover, advertise and buy products on the platform. Snapchat is not the only technology company investing in AR. Ecommerce virtual try-ons for make-up and sunglasses have also been possible on Instagram and TikTok for some time now.

AR blurs the boundaries between online and offline shopping. Amazon has also recently followed suit and introduced a virtual fitting room for shoes. “Amazon’s goal is to make online fashion shopping easier and more enjoyable for customers with new experiences,” says Muge Erdirik Dogan, President of Amazon Fashion, which recently enabled the AR feature in the Amazon iOS app.

Try before you buy

The Mazing application does not require an app at all, allowing it to be displayed directly on the website. Firstly, a 3D model is required. If you do not yet have one, we will create one for you. All we need are a few photos of the product. We have all tracking methods in our repertoire, including foot tracking for shoe try-ons. We are also happy to integrate it into the desired shop platform for you.

Realise virtual try-on for shoes with Mazing

The question remains as to what the implementation looks like for the provider of the product. Firstly, a 3D model is required. You can simply upload a 3D model or create one with AI (artificial intelligence). If one is not yet available, we will create one for you. All we need are a few photos of the product.

Once the 3D model has been uploaded, the appropriate AR technology is selected. We have all tracking methods in our repertoire, including foot tracking for virtual shoe try-ons.

Finally, the webshop integration follows. We are partners of all common shop platforms. We will be happy to integrate it into the desired shop platform for you.

Where does the shoe pinch?

Unfortunately, this question cannot be answered by AR either. After all, fashion is not just about how we look, but also how we feel when we wear it. In the end, you can only find out whether the shoe offers the comfort you hoped for when you actually wear it. Particularly in the case of clothing and shoes, the image and description do not always match the expectation. This hurdle to online shopping can be overcome with the shoe try-on. What is certain is that it can be clarified quite precisely before the purchase whether the shoe is visually pleasing.

Ready for higher conversion rates and fewer returns with virtual try-on?