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Pinterest has often shown that the platform is innovative and wants to stand out from the competition. After virtual try-on of beauty products like lipstick and eyeshadow, augmented reality is now coming to Pinterest for furniture and other home decor products.

Pinterest enables virtual product testing through AR

The online platform Pinterest is transforming into a destination for virtual product testing and commerce on social media. The inspiration platform launched its new one last month "Try On for Home Decor" featured. Users of the online bulletin board, which has largely served as a source of inspiration for areas ranging from interior design to fashion, can now try out furniture from US retailers like Walmart and Wayfair in their own homes - simply by using augmented reality. The European market can be excited.

In the past, the visual search engine has already enabled its users to try out make-up virtually with the "Try On" function. In the same way, AR will make purchasing decisions when looking for furniture a lot easier in the future and will offer users a new immersive shopping experience on the app.

What added value does augmented reality offer a platform like Pinterest?

Place furniture in your own home

In the meantime, everyone knows that consumers are making more and more purchases online interactive and innovative experiences desire.

Pinterest is one of the world's largest and most well-known platforms for researching interior design ideas. The majority of those who register use the platform to get inspiration for furnishing their own four walls. “Try On” allows them to make purchasing decisions from the comfort of their own home.

In recent years, the number of users on Pinterest who interact with its shopping areas and functions has grown remarkably. On the one hand, furniture retailers can reach a wider range of customers through Pinterest. On the other hand, the platform offers its users personalized suggestions based on search queries and preferences.

Augmented Reality increases trust and thus the willingness to buy

Since customers are already using the platform in the earlier phase of their purchasing decision-making process, Try On helps them to find the right and above all relevant products and to evaluate them through AR in their own space.

So far there are around 80 furniture products on Pinterest that lead directly to the online shop. According to the company, users are five times more likely to buy a product with the AR "Try On" function than those represented by normal pins.

This is how the feature will also work globally on the platform in the future:

  1. When searching for products in the Pinterest app, three dots appear in the top-right corner of each Pin.
  2. After clicking on the "Try it out in the room" button, the camera opens and the piece of furniture is displayed virtually in your own room.
  3. The products can then be adjusted and moved in their own room.
  4. If the product fits, you can go to the checkout on the retailer's website with just one click.

Pinterest augmented reality

“Try on for Home Décor” is currently available for both the iOS and Android operating systems for the US market, but the function will also be available globally in the future and thus also for the European market.

If you want to sell your products on Pinterest with AR, Mazing is happy to support you. We create or adapt your 3D models for Pinterest and set up your AR shop.

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