Web AR platform

Create, manage, analyze and integrate your 3D AR products with the Mazing AR platform.



Whether you already have assets or need to create new ones, the Mazing platform and solutions are flexible to accommodate merchants and designers at every stage of their journey into the Metaverse.

  • Upload 3D models
  • Upload 2D photos
  • Use 3D templates


The 3D / AR models can be managed on our web AR platform. We have developed an intuitive CMS that is both simple and easy to use. Easily view, search, sort and filter for 3D AR products.


On the Mazing AR platform, key metrics can be monitored on a simple dashboard. We measure DGSVO compliant 3D views, AR placements and QR code scans.


Seamlessly integrate

With a few clicks, the Mazing 3D / AR Viewer can be integrated into all conventional websites. The integration takes place with iframe, direct link or by means of plugins.


...and enjoy the benefits of the Mazing solution

unique selling point

Stand out from the competition with an innovative product presentation.

Higher conversion rate

WebAR increases conversion by 50% on average.

Lower return rate

WebAR reduces returns by an average of 20%.

High ROI

Because of the better conversion and low return rate.

Some of our success stories

Digital shopping assistant for smartphones: Telekom

Digital shopping assistant for smartphones: Telekom

Virtual test hanging of pictures: Art-Mind Shop

Virtual test hanging of pictures: Art-Mind Shop

Try jewelry virtually: Borisdiamond

Try jewelry virtually: Borisdiamond

The Bear Hotel in AR

The Bear Hotel in AR

Sell ​​more.

Take your website to the next level.