Augmented Reality for industrial products

WebAR success story: AHProfi

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The result

“Mazing helped us differentiate and move into augmented reality. AR is not just a tool, but a completely new shopping experience for our customers” – Jan Prokop, CMO AHProfi sro

Industrial products such as workshop equipment in 3D and augmented reality

The decision-making process to buy products like those from AHProfi is often long and depends on various factors. AR Industrial Products is the solution to some of these factors.

The question of whether the size of the model fits into the workshop is answered immediately. Customers are often unsure whether a model fits, especially when buying online. With one click, potential AHprofi customers can now quickly and easily place the product in their own room.

The tool is also used for customer appointments, whether online or in person. The feature usually impresses future customers immediately and underlines AHProfi as an innovative company.

Right now, augmented reality is being used more and more in the industrial sector. Our project too soft tie shows the effectiveness of this technology.


unique selling point


Higher conversion rate when using AR


Higher completion rate with virtual product presentation

The revolution in the industrial sector

Selling large and bulky products often involves a lot of effort. The sales process is long and every hour costs a company a lot of money. Marketing expenses are also high for industrial companies as there is a lot of competition. Every click on the website must therefore be used in the best possible way.

The popularity of augmented reality in various industries is witnessing incredible growth of almost 20% CAGR due to rapid adoption in machine, manufacturing and automotive industries in recent years. Enterprises can continue to expect greater growth through the use of AR industrial products as the development intensifies, which is a major development not only for large-scale industry but also for small and medium-sized enterprises.