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Mazing is the agency for WebAR, VR and InstagramAR experiences.

Google 3D Ad GraphicsmazingWebAR

3D advertising on Google

The expression “google” has long been established, because it is not uncommon for people to end up on Google when searching for a product. Here daily purchases are made in…
December 4, 2022

Virtual try-on for shoes

Order, unpack, try on and… send back. Unfortunately, this is the usual process for most customers who have ordered clothes. Trying the problem with the returns…
November 20st
Metaverse shopping overviewmazingWebAR

Metaverse Shopping

Many retailers and e-commerce operators are wondering how they can use the Metaverse to avoid ending up like Nokia. At the latest now it should be...
September 10, 2022
App vs Web ARmazingWebAR

Web AR and App AR

Why nobody wants to download an app anymore Augmented reality is not only a new kind of entertainment, it simplifies for us in the current digital age...
August 26

Ecommerce in the Metaverse

The future of online commerce in the Metaverse Currently, the majority of Internet users see the Metaverse as a virtual space in which to communicate with other users, interact...
May 20

Augmented reality art

Augmented Reality Art: A New Way of Expression Augmented Reality offers artists a new and innovative way of expressing themselves. Art and AR coupled enable…
April 8, 2022
Augmented Reality NFTsmazingWebAR

Augmented Reality NFTs

How is augmented reality used for NFTs? The use of NFTs together with augmented reality will spark a number of completely new and exciting areas of application. This…
February 16
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