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Augmented Reality Art: A New Way of Expression


Augmented Reality offers artists a new and innovative way of expressing themselves. Art and AR coupled not only allow a general supplementation of works, but also give them an interactive component. Artists who are willing to take their creations to a new dimension excel at innovating and differentiating themselves by adapting to our zeitgeist that is turning to more and more digital content. You don't necessarily have to be a tech expert to digitize your own art with augmented reality. In this article we show the different possibilities for the implementation of augmented reality art and how to transform your own artworks into virtual objects with few resources.



Types of AR for art


Im Articles About the different types of augmented reality, we have already talked about the difference between AR applications that are based on markers (tags) and those that are not. Marker based AR uses markers on a real object. The AR is thus "projected" onto a specific physical object, similar to a filter. With a painting, for example, you can imagine that the depicted object is suddenly animated or decorated with effects by the mobile phone camera on which the AR experience takes place.


A much more exciting way to create augmented reality art is non-marker-based AR. By transforming a work of art into a 3D object, be it a painting, an avatar or even a sculpture, the entire work can be visualized completely virtually within one space. An avatar can also be animated immediately and you have a moving figure in your own four walls.


NFT art in interactive display


The topic of NFTs and NFT art has now taken up a large part of our digital environment and augmented reality also offers added value here. AR can change the way we view NFT artworks by adding another dimension, giving them much more depth and context. There are many possibilities - for example, pictures from a gallery, which are bought as NFT, can be placed on your own wall through AR. No matter when and where.


Interdisciplinary artist Sophie Yotova (Octophina) eg sparks discourses on topics that touch and concern people with their creations. She brought her pictures to the NFT community and gives them a new dimension. With AR, your works can now be positioned virtually as 3D objects in your own home. for is no app necessary because we work with our web-based augmented reality software at Mazing.




How do you create augmented reality art?


You don't necessarily have to be a tech expert to present your own art in augmented reality. As already mentioned, there are various types of AR and the implementation depends entirely on individual wishes. There are simple platforms that allow artists to explore the fundamentals of augmented reality by building the AR application themselves through digital content or simply exporting it.


If the goal is to convert your own art into 3D objects or even to animate it, we always recommend working with an agency. Not only does this save time and money invested in learning the skills, AR agencies usually also offer hosting services that cannot be dispensed with. Every AR application must be hosted on a server.


When working with Mazing, artists are completely relieved of the effort involved in 3D modeling and hosting is also offered. Because Mazing offers uncomplicated mobile AR, no further app download is required and augmented reality art can be displayed on any smartphone through any browser.


With us you can get to the AR work of art in just a few steps:


  • In the case of images, these are sufficient in digital format (e.g. JPEG) to turn them into an AR canvas. A "hangable" AR image can be created for €200,00.
  • Figures, avatars, sculptures, etc... can be implemented using provided renderings or existing 3D models (OBJ, GLB, CAD, etc...). The costs depend on whether 3D modeling is to be taken over or existing models are only to be adapted. The price for one figure is around €400,00.
  • Depending on the quantity and complexity of the artworks, it can be delivered within 1-3 days.


Would you like support in creating your Augmented Reality artworks? We offer information and implement your wishes!

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